Our Philosophy

The centre will provide a curriculum that will support each child’s wellbeing, identity & ability to become a confident & effective communicator. They will also provide each child with opportunities to contribute & participate in the local & wider communities.

The educators will therefore assist the children to:

  • Learn & develop through play
  • Pursue issues, topics, activities & experiences that interest them
  • Facilitate opportunities for the children to self select toys, equipment and activities
  • Feel competent & independent
  • Encourage the budding self esteem
  • Represent their experiences
  • Focus on process & not the outcome
  • Interact with their peers & adults

The Cottage Child Care Centre educators embrace and are pro–active in providing the following:

  • Respect the individuality of the each child.
  • Respect the diversity of the each child’s cultural background.
  • Encourage each child’s creative and intellectual abilities.
  • Provide teaching practices, which will scaffold the children’s learning.
  • Promote the child’s co-operation and active involvement in the daily routine and activities.
  • Promote and foster the children’s potential self-confidence.

The Cottage Child Care Centre acknowledge the uniqueness of diversity, and of the many different values and beliefs of the children, their parents, extended families and the wider community… and will be representative of all, regardless of gender, religion, race, language or ability.

The Cottage Child Care Centre believe in the importance of linking the children’s home and the experiences offered at the service.

The Cottage Child Care Centre acknowledge and respect that the parents are the primary and the most important educators and nurturers in the lives of young children.

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